LIKIQ Speed Cube Magic Snake Red Ruler Brain Teaser Skew Toy

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Price: $19.99 - $6.99

This is a Speed Cube Snake Ruler, also known as a Twist.
It is a toy with 24 wedges identically shaped liked prisms.
The wedges are connected such that they can be twisted, but not separated.
Through this twisting the puzzle can attain positions including a straight line, a ball, a rectangle, a snake, and many more imaginative shapes and figures.
It is usually speed-solved while going from a straight line into a ball (see image). This puzzle comes fully assembled the factory. Please note that the image is a stock photo and the actual product may not look exactly as pictured (color may vary).
Start twisting and watch amazing figures take form
Solve one shape and move onto another – or devise your own creation to challenge and confound your friends
The Snake/Twist is a twisting puzzle that takes the form of millions of shapes
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